Preview of ‘The Thousand Fantasy’  

Chapter 1 
Joel Keithllen

In the morning, the city of Sanmitch was already at a ruckus as Joel Keithllen run for his live while carrying two loaf of bread in his right hand.

“STOP THAT THEFT!” one of the guards shouted. Joel was chased by five guards and all of them were carrying a sword.

Joel runs as fast as he can, bumping at people who were in the way and did not dare to look back. He turns to the right entering a corner but it was a huge mistake as it leads him into a dead end. Joel turns around only to see the five guards had already blocked the way out.

“There’s no escape thief” said one of the guards.

“C’mon guys…” Joel start talking and slightly laugh too the guards to gain sympathy, but clearly it won’t work. “It’s only two breads. Nobody’s going to miss it anyway, right?” Joel seems to be calm and still manage to joke even at hard situation like this.

“Just two bread,” said the guard in anger. “Yesterday you also stole 2 bread, a deer meat the day before, and 3 bags of gold a week before.” There’s probably more in the list but he only mentioned those three. “WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT?”

“Four bags of gold actually, but go on I’m listening” Joel replied with a mocking smile in his. The mood was not getting any better though, in fact it was getting worse.

“ENOUGH WITH THE JOKES THEFT!” the guard screams and pulled his sword out. “Hand over those breads and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you live with One Arm Still Attached!” the guard is not fooling around, not that he was at the first. He was filled with anger that one of the guards tried to calm him down, and one of them even got scared.

“Wow, wow, wow… calm down” Joel replied to calm him down “there’s no need for violence” Joel raised his hand with the 2 breads in both his hand and walk forward to the guard step by step slowly. “Hand it over,” the guard repeated impatiently. As the bread almost reached the guards hand, in seconds Joel throws the 2 breads high up in the air into the back of the 5 guards and in the slip of a second run right passed the guard, but there were 4 more guards.

The second guard was still in shocked, so passing him wasn’t a problem. The third was about to pull out his sword, but before his hand could reach the sword Joel stole it in seconds and passed the third. The forth already pulled out his sword and as Joel comes close to him he swing the sword but Joel manage to block it with the sword that he just stole and leave an opening for Joel to escape, and the fifth and last guard as well swing his long sword, but Joel was able to dodge it and in a short moment manages to cut the belt of the fifth guard making his pants to fall off and the guard fell down. As the bread falls down, Joel catches the two breads, and ran again.

“Farewell, and add sword to the stealing list as well” said Joel mocking them.

“YOU FOOLS CATCH HIM!” the first guard screams. “WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL WE HAVE HIS HEAD UNDERSTAND!” as the other guards chased after Joel. But Joel had escaped by hiding in a wooden wagon filled with haystacks.

“That was a close one” Joel taught. He waited and rest to catch his breath. He brushed away the hays that covered the 2 breads, and when things were going good, all of the sudden the wagon started to move. Joel’s heart skipped a beat, and tried to be as quiet as possible.

“Running into trouble again as usual?” said a girl voice. Joel recognizes that voice. Joel took a peek and fortunate for him it was a friendly face.

“Samantha it’s you…” said Joel in relieved. “For a second there I thought you were one of the guards. I didn’t know you have a hay wagon”

“I don’t” She replied “I’m borrowing it for a while”

Her full name is Samantha Lightrose, the owner of the small inn name “Leave House” in Sanmitch. Samantha is one of the few elves living in Sanmitch. She has beautiful blue eyes, a long scarlet red ponytail hair, wears a light brown button shirt, black long skirt, and a black apron.

“The sun just risen and already you annoyed half the villagers” said Samantha.

“Well I didn’t know 2 breads could create such trouble” Joel replied.


“Yeah, see…” Joel reveals the two stolen breads. “Looks delicious right?”

“Joel I told you don’t involve me into one of your crazy–”

“Who said I was going to give it to you, Red” Joel cuts the conversation. “One for me, and one for Arth”

Samantha didn’t say anything after. She was reminded how hard life is for the two brothers. When the brothers were little, they were already orphans. Living alone in the street when Joel was merely eight years old, while Arth was a year younger, was a struggle that no children should endure. Although Samantha was an also an orphan, she considered herself lucky since she still have her loving grandmother, while the two brothers have nobody else accept themselves.

“Well… I don’t think your brother wants you to be theft” Said Samantha

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll just tell him I bought this.” Joel didn’t want to steal those two breads or the other stuff that he stole the day before. But in the morning after he saw only a little leftover bread was on his house not enough to feed for the two of them, he had no choice but go to the village.

“But enough about me,” said Joel trying to change the subject. “What about your Inn? Is it doing well?”

“Quite well” she replied with a big smile in her face, but as she looked to the right her face changed. “That’s good, hey Samantha how about we–” Samantha cuts Joel conversation, pushing Joel head to the hays and tells Joel to be quiet.

“What’s wrong? More guards?” Joel asked. “No. But Worse” she replied with a frown on her face. Joel looks to his right and saw a peasant getting kicked down to the grown by a noble man, but not just a normal noble man, The Family of Nightslen. You can tell by their clothing as they tend to wear black color and golden patterns.

“Nightslen… Oh, how I hate them,” said Joel in disgust. “They think they’re much superior just because their rich and all, that’s enough I’ll–.” as Joel wanted to stand up Samantha pushed him back to the hays.

“I told you to stay quiet. Don’t you even dare start a fight with them” she yelled.

“I can’t just sit quiet,” Said Joel in rage.

”You think I don’t want to help them Joel? I want to stopped them, believe me I do. But you know why we can’t do that Joel. I can’t lose you Joel” Joel tries to calm himself down but seeing the arrogant Nightslen bullying the peasant and couldn’t do anything about it make him itches to punch every one of them.

After a while and away from the village, they stopped. “This is as far as I can take you Joel,” said Samantha. Joel jumped out the wagon and covered the two breads with a sheet.

“Here use this” said Samantha as she throws a coat to Joel.

“A little hot for a coat, don’t you think” said Joel.

“To cover the sword you idiot, you can’t just walk around holding a sword” Samantha scolded him. “Oh… right” Joel then wears the coat, cover his head with a hood and hides the sword inside the coat.

“Thanks Samantha, I owe you one big” Joel giving his appreciation. “Yeah well try not to cause any more trouble you hear.”

Joel shook his head, “Can’t make that promise I’m afraid. You know me; trouble seems to pass me every time even if I don’t want to.” Samantha didn’t laugh thinking that what he says is not something to make fun off, but what Joel said is unfortunately true. “Well… I’ll see you later Joel” after that She kept quiet and turned the wagon around.

“Wait Samantha” Joel yelled. Immediately Samantha stopped the wagon. “Um… Do you have any plan right now? If not, how about going to my place? It’s very quiet this day.

“Sorry Joel I can’t, I have to take care of the Inn”

“Come on… just for a minute. You haven’t seen Arth in a while lately right? He kept telling me how much he missed you, how lonely the house is, and how nobody kept yelling at me…” Joel kept trying to provoke her to go the house. All Samantha can do is smile and laugh on how Joel is trying so hard to be with her. She wanted to stay but she still has many house duties to take care and how she have to return the wagon back.

“I’ll tell you what if I’m done early, I’m all yours,” Said her.

“Well its better than a no I guess.” Said Joel disappointed. The both say their goodbyes and parted ways.

“What a day” said Joel to himself. As he kept on walking he saw his home up the hill, but before he went closer to the house he wanted to see the sword one last time. He checked to his right and his left to see if there was anybody around him. He took out the sword slowly and gripped the sword tight up, looking how great the sword looked, he swing it to how fast he could attack. It was a weird feeling because he always wanted to hold a sword but never had one in his life. Once he’s done he put the sword back and start walking again like nothing happen.

As he reached his house he opened the door and all of the sudden he was hit in the head making him to fell behind. In the ground Joel’s head was spinning in pain not knowing what just happen. Then a man shout “Look I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to cause any trouble, but if you’re a theft you have nothing to steal here so go away!” the voice seems familiar Joel try to clear his head. As he looked at the man who hit him, it was Arth holding a broom in his hand. It seem Arth taught that Joel was a theft or a bad person with the hood covering his head. As Joel wake up slowly he replied, “I know… Is that how you say hello in the morning now Arth?”


“Joel! Is that you?” Arth says and indeed it is him. “Hey Arth, guess who’s back…” Joel replied with a happy voice. Arth helped Joel to stand up and lead him to a chair where Joel could sit and regain his balance.

“Where were you? Why are you wearing a coat? And why are you carrying a sword.” Joel was sworn by questions from Arth, but can you blame him.

“From the village, the coat is from Samantha, and the sword well…” Joel didn’t want Arth to see the sword. He’s plan to hide the sword but it’s too late for that.

“… And what’s that” as Arth pointed the two covered bread. “Oh right, check this out…” as Joel uncovered and reveals the two breads. Arth was surprised “where did you get this from?” he asked. “Does it matter, all that matter is that we have breakfast, now let’s eat” Joel replied.

“You think I’m a fool Joel,” said Arth slightly angered, “You stole this did you?”

Joel kept quiet trying to avoid a conversation with Arth. “Damn you Joel. All this time you could’ve taken care of the field, but instead you were too busy being a theft. And the bread from yesterday did you stole those as well?” Joel still won’t answer.


“Alright yes, I stole those are you happy now” Joel replied frustrated with Arth’s question.

“How can I be happy knowing that my brother is a theft”

“So what are you going to do? Return these breads”

“No… You stole those. Do whatever you want with them, I’m not getting involved” as Arth walks out and slams the door.

“Where are you going?” Joel yelled. Arth kept walking further and further

“To the village. To buy food for tonight” Arth replied. Joel chased Arth telling him to wait, but Arth just kept on walking refuse to look at Joel. “Look Arth I know what I did was wrong,” Arth finally stopped and listened to Joel “But enough is enough. We’ve work too hard, bleeding our hands and for what? Just a few lousy silver coins. You know I’m doing this so that we can live right. The nobles don’t even need to lift a finger to get good food. I’m only doing this because it’s fair”

“Fair?” Arth cut the conversation. “Is it fair that you stole the things from those who have worked hard as well? You think that the people who you stole aren’t in the same position as us?”

Joel was speechless listening to Arth. “You and I aren’t the only one who’s working hard. Samantha, and the other villagers all struggling like us. You were the last person I taught to go this low” Arth continued to walk while Joel kept quiet feeling regret of what his done.

Joel enters the house knowing that every sentence Arth said was true. He looked at the table and half of the bread left over yesterday was placed there in a plate. He sat down and eats the half bread thinking how he is going to apologize to Arth.